Seeds Of Peace Conflict Resolution Programme

As the world gets closer and borders get blurred, lines of hatred and conflict often get clearer and more pronounced, resulting in violence and disharmony between nations and people. Peace, compassion and tolerance are the need of the hour, and the school's participation in the Seeds of Peace International Program is just one way beyond the classroom walls that the school seeks to imbibe these values in our students. Students of Std. IX are subjected to a rigorous selection process, and those chosen proceed to represent India, along with students of other esteemed institutions of Mumbai, at a camp in Maine, Boston for three weeks. Living with students from across the globe, having dialogue sessions and activities specifically with students belonging to delegations from conflicting nations, our students return with open minds and new perspectives. After this process, they are constantly striving to find constructive solutions to world issues that are long lasting and do not resort to violence, but instead come from a space of peace and co­ existence.