Principal's Message

A warm welcome to JB!

It is with a deep sense of pride that I lead JB's dedicated faculty and uniquely talented student body into the 21st century. JB is a vibrant, diverse and exciting school, grounded in bedrock values with a bold, contemporary vision. Our school campus is a beautiful one, a mix of heritage and modern buildings, and one that complements our dynamic school community. The staff although varied, is joined by one strong unbreakable bond - a desire to provide a stellar education to our students in an environment of creativity, freedom and joy.

Education at JB presents students with opportunities to discover their unique abilities and talents. This spirit of discovery, driven by the willingness to take healthy risks, both socially and intellectually — is what makes a JB education transformative, exhilarating, and sometimes challenging. Our students graduate as articulate, expressive and confident girls, not afraid to voice their opinions, while respecting the sentiments of others and appreciating multiple perspectives and views. At JB Petit, life and learning have always been intimately connected. The school pulsates with a positive visceral energy, one that any student, parent or visitor can vouch for; and as you navigate your way in our virtual space, we hope to see you walk the corridors of the school some day with us, as we move Ever Forward.

Thanks for stepping by!

Benaifer P. Kutar