At JB, our Learning Resource Centre exemplifies the school motto, 'Ever Forward,' by equipping our students with special needs, with the required skill set to achieve their full, true potential. A referral to the LRC may be made by the Principal, the Primary Supervisor or the Class Teacher. Our qualified counselor and special educator then take the referral forward in the student's best interests.

The Main Objectives of the LRC are as follows-

The LRC at the school comprises of the Counseling Department and the Remedial Centre (Centre for Special Needs).

The Remedial Centre (Centre for Special Needs)

The J B Petit High School admits girls irrespective of their disability or special education needs, provided that the school deems it possible to meet their needs adequately without unduly prejudicing the education and welfare of other students.

The Centre for Special Needs at the school is responsible for the early identification, informal assessment and remedial intervention for students with special education needs.

The Centre for Special Needs is not a coaching center, extra class or a substitute for curriculum. It is a facilitation center for students who have special needs till they are able to independently perform according to their age and grade level.