JB - Building Excellence

Entering one of the quieter streets of the bustling Fort area of Mumbai, one may come across a grey stone heritage building surrounded by an air of regality and stability. For so many, this is our second home, our school. The physical environment of the school significantly impacts the way we teach and learn at JB. The historic campus of today has not come about by accident; on the contrary, it is the result of great thought, deliberation and care over time.

An oft repeated maxim is, "Time and Tide wait for no man," and as an institution we recognise the need to flow with the vagaries of time and embrace change head on. Empowering women through education and opportunity makes up the core philosophy of our school, and in order to continue with our mission we need to constantly evolve and enhance not only the intellectual but also the physical environment that we learn in.

Keeping in mind this need for growth at all levels, The JB Petit High School for Girls unveiled the "JB Building Excellence" redevelopment project to the school community on March 16th 2016, at the Birla Auditorium, Mumbai. Our new building, 'The Shirin Darasha Memorial Block' is a fitting testimonial to the legacy established by our esteemed late Principal- a woman whose dynamism and vision established the standard of excellence in education that we pride ourselves on today.

This project addresses the school's need to build, expand and modernise its campus; as well as upgrade the existing infrastructure and facilities, along with adding a potential IB (International Baccalaureate) section for the 11 and 12th grade. Ms. Abha Narain Lambah, the eminent heritage and conservation architect, has been appointed for the project. Master plans and designs for the new construction are also in place; and our Board of Trustees are constantly supporting and giving strategic direction to the project.

The "JB-Building Excellence" initiative has been received with great enthusiasm and support, and the school community is eagerly anticipating the construction of our new building. This modern facility will effectively complement the existing historic campus, and benefit the JB school community for generations to come.