The J.B. Petit High School For Girls

Just as the African proverb states, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’, we at JB believe it takes a whole school community to educate a child.

The greatest resource a successful school has is its people. The active support of our parent body is essential to who we are and what we collectively hope to accomplish as a school. The relationship between home and school is enhanced by the spirit, vision and collaboration shared among all members of our school community.

This partnership is given concrete meaning through the help, support and cooperation provided to the school by the JB Parent Teacher Association. The PTA is intrinsically invested in the success of our children and its role is integral to the smooth and efficient functioning of the school.

Executive Committee Of The PTA For The Year 2021-2022

Chairperson: Benaifer Kutar
Vice Chairperson: Nidhi Multani
Secretary: Ratna Mishra
Joint Secretary: Nandita Weling
Joint Secretary: Aarmeen Dordi
Treasurer: Anant Patel

I Azeema Hussein Manjiri Purandare
II Sanah Patka, Nivedita Nayak Babita Lucknowala
III Hetvi Ghalla Benaifer Pavri
IV Sharatee Ghosh Anahita Gheewala
V Shruti Bagri Rizina Chaterji
VI Ruchi Munjral, Payal Chhabria Chanda Nandita Weling
VII Harsha Mulani Kainaz Vania
VIII Hetal Parekh Mansi Khanchandani
IX Bhavna Beri, Nidhi Multani Friyana Pardiwalla
X Aarmeen Dordi Aditya Balse