The JB Advantage

As one of the oldest all-girls educational institutions in South Mumbai, the J.B Petit High School for Girls has a strong pedagogical foundation based on decades of experience and practice, which forms the ideal base for an educational methodology that is constantly evolving in tune with the contemporary times.

As a JB ite, the students have the advantage of an education that not only sharpens their mind and intellect in the spirit of kaizen- improvement and excellence, but also roots them in the spirit of Ubuntu - love, compassion and togetherness. The school emphasises academic excellence and intellectual growth, but not through rote learning or memorization. Rather, there is an insistence on teaching that fosters inquiry based learning and questioning, so that education can be truly internalized and absorbed.

Students are also provided with a plethora of opportunities in the fields of sports, dance, drama, music, MUN's, student-exchange programs and several other co-curricular activities. The aim at JB is to create an atmosphere that is conducive to all kinds of learning and varied learning styles so that each student finds her own 'light' and can go into the world and shine in whatever she chooses to undertake. A JB student is strong enough to voice her opinion, yet has the humility to respect and recognise another's perspective. The school seeks to provide its students with a fearlessness and a strong sense of self that will make them significant stakeholders in the communities that they live and engage in. All those who are part of the JB community find that they belong to a family of people whose loving hearts and brilliant minds give them an advantage that is tangible in the energy it creates and the respect it commands.