Learning, The JB Way

From strength to strength go on,

Wrestle and fight and play

Tread all the powers of darkness down,

And win your well fought day.

The JB Petit High School for Girls believes in giving its students a holistic education, one which arms them with confidence and a spirit of inquiry, tempered with humility and compassion. Learning the JB way is unique and unforgettable, and JB students tend to stand out in a crowd for their sharp minds and warm hearts.

At JB, learning is rooted in a spirit of questioning, with the students encouraged to develop their opinions and form value systems based on the discoveries they make for themselves. As an institution, we firmly believe that each child is unique and flowers at her own time and in her own way, thus recognizing that each student has an inherent talent that just needs to be given the time and space to come to light. Deeply entrenched in the philosophy of metta – loving kindness, the students and teachers build meaningful connections and respect each other, and it is not unusual to see students exchanging warm hugs or sharing personal issues with their mentors. The atmosphere of the school is vibrant, complemented by bright art- work by the students, music, dance and drama; giving the institution a palpable spirit of joie de vivre. Students often find themselves coming back to teach, conduct workshops or just visit the school for their favourite canteen snack or chat with a beloved teacher. Whichever one it is, the JB pull is strong, and for several students this is truly a 'second home'.

The exposure and opportunities the school provides in the field of academics, music, dance, drama, sports and other extra-curricular activities is appreciated even more once the students leave school, and are able to notice the advantage of an education that has nurtured their mind, body and spirit; resulting in several of them wanting to give back to the school in one way or another. Bright smiles, warm hugs and loud free laughter is what you will often find while walking down the JB corridors, and we invite you to be a part of this journey with us, and experience for yourself the unique spirit of the school.